Arctic Hackathon in Kirkenes on October 18-20

Sør-Varanger Utvikling with its brands; ICE (Innovation, Community, Entrepreneurship) and the Coastal Development Center, welcomes participants from several Nordic countries to the Arctic Hackathon in Kirkenes on October 18-20. The event is part of the Arctic Innovation Week (AIW) and is conducted in collaboration with NORA (Nordic Atlantic Cooperation). The goal of this hackathon is to address groundbreaking challenges faced by local businesses, with the assistance of local mentors and the competent team behind the event.

The Arctic Hackathon provides a unique opportunity for talented minds to come together in a region known for its beauty and untapped potential. With support from NORA, the event has attracted young, creative, and innovative talents from Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, and the Faroe Islands.

One of the main objectives of the Arctic Hackathon is to offer solutions to current, real-time challenges faced by local businesses in Kirkenes. The event aims to promote collaboration among participants and encourage the exchange of ideas and expertise.

Local mentors, who understand the challenges in the Arctic business landscape, will play a crucial role in guiding participants through the hackathon. The team behind Sør-Varanger Utvikling, ICE, and the Coastal Development Center, with their broad experience in entrepreneurship and innovation, will provide valuable insights and support to ensure the success of the event.

In addition to intensive problem-solving sessions, participants will have the opportunity to explore Kirkenes and its surroundings. They will also have the chance to experience local culture and engage with the community, making this event a enriching experience.

With rising expectations, the Arctic Hackathon in Kirkenes promises to be a beacon of innovation under the Arctic sky. With participants from various Nordic countries coming together to address challenges faced by local businesses, and with support from NORA, local mentors, and Arctic Innovation Week, this event has the potential to generate groundbreaking solutions that can have a lasting impact on the Arctic region.

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