Navigating Future Coastal Communities with Technological Transformation

The Coastal Development Center connects people with ideas, knowledge and drive. Together we create attractive jobs and communities along the coast.

Our goals

We believe that there are many people along the coast who have valuable knowledge about the challenges and opportunities in coastal areas. Unfortunately, these people do not always know how to share their knowledge and create value. We are here to be the bridge that connects them. Located in Kirkenes, we are the first center in Norway, with a goal of establishing more coastal development centers along the Norwegian coast.

Goal 1.

Contribute to the development of new industries and job opportunities in the region by acting as a bridge between businesses and new technologies.

Goal 2.

Implement initiatives that counteract out-migration and increase in-migration to rural areas and strengthen efforts to attract new residents to the region.

We will care for


who live along the coast, around the center, and are interested in how technology can unlock value creation potential and improve life along the coast.

We will collaborate with

public administrations

who work with business and community development along the coast.

We will focus on


who connect technological advances and focus on coastal issues.

We will encourage


who want to raise their technological expertise.

We achieve our goals through projects

Ole Øvretveit

Project Manager

Nothing Hill
Dr. Palmstrøms vei 15
9901 Kirkenes

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