VR Center


Virtual Reality (VR) is an old technology that is only now being developed well enough to become widespread. It is expected that VR will grow significantly in the coming years and become the next big platform. VR technology will be used in most sectors, particularly in interactive operations over long distances. Following input from several local actors, KYST has taken the initiative to establish a VR center in Nothing Hill. The VR center is a project involving NTNU, UiT, HNDG, Coastal Development Center, and the local IT company Snappy. Additionally, we are in dialogue with sharp Finnish gaming communities such as Frostbit. The goal is to build a VR center for research and development of VR and mixed reality applications for private enterprises like Solstad Maritime and the public sector such as the Finnmark Hospital. The project is also linked to the DIANA Dual Tech process where VR technology is an instrument that can be used for multiple purposes. The VR center aims to create more jobs, build IT competence, contribute to creating a new culture of technology in Sør-Varanger, and assist local businesses and the public sector with technological development and adoption. The center may also have nodes elsewhere in East Finnmark, such as Vardø and Vadsø.

Main Goal:

Establish a VR center in Kirkenes with ownership from local businesses and institutions.

Implementation KYST has established a working group tasked with drafting a pre-project outline for the VR center, including budgeting and analysis of various ownership and financing models. Other key aspects being analyzed at this stage include operating models, stakeholders/partners, and areas in Nothing Hill.


  1. Connect the Kirkenes community to global processes
  2. Make operations more resource-efficient
  3. Reposition Sør-Varanger technologically
  4. The VR center will also be a significant addition to the expanding environment at Nothing Hill.

Further Development The establishment of a VR center in Kirkenes represents pioneering work. It is challenging to predict exactly how long it will take, how complex the project will be, and how costly it will be. Regardless, it will be crucial throughout the process and the lifespan of the center to ensure that local stakeholders see the value and are excited about the project.

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